Letterkenny Season 9 Renewal, Cast, and All We Know So Far

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Letterkenny Season 9

We are here to discuss Letterkenny Season 9, whether it will be happening or not. So, keep reading ahead to know Letterkenny release details, cast, and updates. Letterkenny released its eighth season on 25th December, and the US is also getting the new season today. But that does not end the story, as everyone is asking for what’s more in the future for Letterkenny.

What is Letterkenny about?

Here is the official synopsis from Crave TV website: The residents of Letterkenny belong to one of three groups: Hicks, Skids, and Hockey Players. The three groups are constantly feuding with each other over seemingly trivial matters; often ending with someone getting their a** kicked.

Is Letterkenny renewed for season 9?

The show is not officially renewed by any streaming platform, not by CraveTV nor by Hulu. However, still, we do know that there will be more episodes coming out, as we have already heard from Jared Keeso about it as he said back in last year that there are 40 more episodes coming when the only fifth season was released.

After the fifth season, we got three seasons and a total of 19 episodes (six episodes in sixth and seventh seasons each, and seven in the eighth season), while we still have 21 more episodes confirmed! So, we can expect three more seasons in the future.

Who is the Cast in Letterkenny Season 9?

The following is the cast for Letterkenny, and we are expecting the majority of the cast to return in Letterkenny Season 9:

  • Jared Keeso as Wayne
  • Nathan Dales as Dary
  • Michelle Mylett as Katy
  • K. Trevor Wilson as Squirrelly Dan
  • Dylan Playfair as Reilly
  • Andrew Herr as Jonesy
  • Tyler Johnston as Stewart
  • Alexander De Jordy as Devon
  • Dan Petronijevic as McMurray
  • Melanie Scrofano as Mrs. McMurray
  • Jacob Tierney as Glen
  • Lisa Codrington as Gail
  • Tiio Horn as Tanis
  • Evan Stern as Roald
  • Mark Forward as Coach
  • Sarah Gadon as Gae

When will Letterkenny Season 9 release?

Letterkenny Season 9 is expected to be released around July 2020. The eighth season released way earlier than expected, in just three months from the seventh season. However, we are not expecting a similar approach again, although it might happen again too! Nonetheless, we expect the show to return with another season in Spring 2020, although we are looking forward to an official announcement, and this is just an approximate.

Index of Letterkenny Season 8 with episode titles, updates and streaming details

Letterkenny Season 8 Episode 1 – Dec 25, 2019 – Miss Fire
Letterkenny Season 8 Episode 2 – Dec 25, 2019 – National Senior Hockey Championship
Letterkenny Season 8 Episode 3 – Dec 25, 2019 – The Rippers
Letterkenny Season 8 Episode 4 – Dec 25, 2019 – Ferda
Letterkenny Season 8 Episode 5 – Dec 25, 2019 – Yard Sale Saturday
Letterkenny Season 8 Episode 6 – Dec 25, 2019 – Holy Sheet
Letterkenny Season 8 Episode 7 – Dec 25, 2019 – Day Beers Day

Update 23rd June 2020:

We are closely looking at all the advancements happening, but there have been no new details coming out about Letterkenny. Even the Twitter account of the show has nothing for us to know about the next season. However, we do know that the characters are going on a tour where they will meet their fans! Moreover, the seventh season is now available on DVD, here is the tweet informing us about it.

Due to the recent Coronavirus pandemic, the tour of Letterkenny has been canceled, and here is the Tweet confirming it!

Update 30th June 2020:

Letterkenny Season 9 was expected to be released around July 2020. Season eight was released way earlier than expected, in just three months from the seventh season. Although we now confirmed know the season will be delayed and will probably see aof late 2020. The official announcement on twitter did mention the canceling of the Live tour that was planned. Nonetheless, Keeso did in a roundabout way affirm the following season, and obviously, he set up a portion post that too. In August 2018, Keeso educated in a meeting around 40 additional scenes. He further included, “40 scenes implies employer stability for the following three years. The reality I didn’t have that for my initial ten years in this business isn’t lost on me.” Thus, we could derive to observe some a greater amount of Letterkenny seasons.

Update 24th July 2020

After winning Best Comedy Series award in the fifth Canadian Screen Awards (CSA) fans have been waiting for season 9. We are intently taking a really close look at all the progressions occurring, yet there have been no new subtleties coming out about Letterkenny. Indeed, even the Twitter record of the show has nothing for us to think about the following season. In any case, we do realize that the characters are going on a visit where they will meet their fans! In addition, the seventh season is currently accessible on DVD, here is the tweet illuminating us about it.

In any case, Keeso did in an indirect way insist the accompanying season, and clearly, he set up a bit post that as well. In August 2018, Keeso instructed in a gathering around 40 extra scenes. He further included, “40 scenes infers manager solidness for the accompanying three years. The truth I didn’t have that for my underlying ten years around here isn’t lost on me.” Thus, we could determine to watch somewhere in the range of a more noteworthy measure of Letterkenny seasons.

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