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Food Wars Season 5 Episode 5 Preview, and Spoilers

Food Wars Season 5

This week’s post is about Food Wars Season 5 Episode 5 preview, and recap. This is the fifth plate of Food Wars. Soma Yukihira, Takumi Aldini, and Megumi Tadokoro are going to battle in the Blue inside the castle. Soma is happy for that he told his friend that the event used to take place at huge arenas.

The contest is completely different this time. Megumi shows Soma and Takumi Aldini a guy who runs a two-star restaurant in Milan. Takumi Aldini saw a chef who dominated various gourmet competitions in Shanghai. Lyon and Sabastian from New York are also there ready to battle. Lets what will happen in the Blue below.

Food Wars Season 5 Episode 5 update

Food Wars Season 5 Episode 5 will be released on Saturday, 1 August 2020, at 12:30 PM JST. A new episode of Food Wars will be released every Saturday. Since this anime has come back from its long break lets see down below what it has for us. The spoilers of episode 5 are not yet available. Let’s take a look at what happens below.

Food Wars Season 5

Food Wars Season 5

Previously on Food Wars Season 5 Episode 4

Soma said that Megumi is on another level and she is calm all the competitors are standing in front of the big screen. The lady called Anne makes an announcement thanking all people and congratulating them for making it to the Blue. Megumi asks where Nakiri is and Aladin replied that he hasn’t seen her. Anne announces that the Blue is run by the World Gourmet Organisation ( WGO).

She calls WGO book master who is going to explain the contest and she explained without being seen. She said the castle has three gates and she stays in the castle tower. The winner in the blue will be decided in the castle tower. For the competitors to get to the castle tower they must overcome the culinary trial that is at each gate.

Suzuki, Saiba Asahi appears at the competition and Soma thinks that it is a great day for revenge. Saiba is going to start ahead of others because WGO sends some of his crew depending on their accomplishments. Nakiri appears and said she is the one who is going to defeat Saiba. The first trial has begun a lot of competitors have failed.

Saiba’s crew manage to pass and they are waiting for the Soma crew they are underestimating Soma and his crew. Soma prepares a simple dish called Monaka the old man has to try it and decide if he passes or fails. The old man ate the food and his body changes into a bodybuilder. He ate all the food while praising it from the bottom of his heart. Soma advance in the next stage with flying colors.

Food Wars Season 5 Episode 5 Preview