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Black Clover Chapter 267 Spoilers, and Recap

Black Clover

The Magic Knights have decided that in 3 days from now they will be invading the Spade Kingdom. Julius asks Gadjah what his plan is and he promises that the Heart Kingdom is becoming the Magic Knight allies. They are working with the elves to make their army strong. Julius thanks Gadjah who is thinking about saving someone important to him. Charlotte is thinking about Yami and she promised herself that Yami won’t die while she still breathing.

Meanwhile, Nacht visited the BB squad and told them about his plan. They are just shocked to see him since he doesn’t come often and he said they are going to destroy the Spade Kingdom in 3 days’ time. The BB asks why he came now and he replied that just because he doesn’t like them. He teases them that they are good for nothing that keeps on causing damages. Natch teases all of them about their past and he said that Vanessa is a witch who keeps on drinking.

In this post, we are going to talk about the Black Clover Chapter 266 a recap of the latest chapter. Before we move to the updates about Asta who his taring is about to start with Nacht. Allow me to take you to the following details below.

Black Clover Chapter 266 will be released on VIZ on Sunday, 11 October 2020. The spoiler of the upcoming chapter is not yet released. A new chapter of this manga is released every Sunday. Take a look at the recap and official ways to read the latest chapters of this Manga.

Black Clover

Black Clover

Previously on Black Clover Chapter 266

Gauche is a criminal and Finral is careless he thinks about women in his mission. Grey told Natch to stop jugging them because they are good people. Natch told her that for them not to be judged by their looks they must stop looking the way they are. He left telling them that they must start training to be stronger in two days. Natch reaches where Asta is and they started training. He is teaching him shadow magic and Asta asked about his friend if they are okay.

Natch told him to just leave them and he uses his power to teleport him and Asta to another place. Asta asked him where they are and Natch reveals that it is a former noble’s house. Natch goes down on his right knee and said shadow magic opening his grimoire and everything changed inside the room and becomes dark. They both enter the dark garden invitation and landed in another room. When they reach Nacth told Asta that he will teach him everything about Devil Magic for two days.

Natch explains that they have to perform a devil binding ritual and Asta must make the powers of the devil to be his own power. Devil ritual is a forbidden ceremony that puts a devil’s power to your command. Natch explains everything to Asta and he summons a devil to start the ritual. The devil is happy that it got released voluntarily and Asta has to fight the devil and win. That is when he will be able to give a command to the devil and it will obey him.

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