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Destiny 2’s New Update Adds New PvP Mode And Makes Every Gun In The Game Very Dangerous

Destiny 2
Destiny 2 (Credits: Bungie)

Destiny 2’s new update will be coming soon and it will bring a new dungeon that can be cleared with your friends or alone. To get information on this you have to speak with Eris. With this, there is a quest that is going live for Shadowkeep owners. The new event called Momentum Control, this is different from Mayhem in which you focus on Supers but in Momentum, your focus will be gunplay. It will be releasing on Tuesday. This is described as “a fast-paced, hair-on-fire experience” in this the lethality of all weapons has been increased to 11. Down below is a quick rundown of what to expect from the mode:

• Instant Respawn Times

• Out of the fight? No problem; drop right back in immediately

• Weapon Damage Increased Higher combat lethality Everything in your arsenal is a contender

• Ability Regen Requires Effort Defeat enemy players to charge your melee, grenade, and Super

• No Tracker Sneak around your enemies for some sweet flanks

• Amped Control Zones capture faster and grant more bonus points per killSuper Charged Supers

• Increased damage resist in Super means you become the 1,000-pound gorilla

• Be careful, because Heavy weapons will put you down quickly

• The Heaviest of Ammo Increased Heavy ammo respawn rates and drop amounts 

Moreover, this mode is compared by many playtesters to the classic Halo custom game SWAT. This mode will have a 6v6 rotating playlist during Festival of the Lost. The developers will be keeping an eye out to the community’s response in order to see when they want to bring it back. 

Destiny 2 new update

Destiny 2 (Credits: Bungie)

There also some changes to the Seasonal Triumphs in the third year of Destiny 2. There are some changes to the system, the devs have added Triumph Tier which is described in the patch notes as “Starting with Shadowkeep, individual Triumphs can now have tiers. They grant a portion of its total Triumph score as you make progress toward the final Triumph. For example, consider the SEASON 8: POWER BONUS Triumph. It has three tiers.”

“To earn the first tier, you need to gain 5 points of bonus Power from your Season 8 Artifact, the Gate Lord’s Eye. Once you do, you’ll get 10 points of Triumph score toward your account’s total Triumph Score, and the next tier will be revealed to you.” There are many other things in this update that you can check on the official website of Bungie.