MAMAMOO’s Hwasa is Making A Comeback With ‘Guilty Pleasure’ – Release Date Announced

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Hwasa november comeback

MAMAMOO’s makne and the bold Kpop idol, Hwasa, is returning with another masterpiece this November. Recently, it was announced that she would make a November comeback. And, not, the details on Hwasa’s second single album, “Guilty Pleasure,” are here. Hwasa has announced the release date of her November comeback album, Guilty Pleasure, with an unsettling teaser. So, are you excited about the new music tracks from Hwasa? Do not forget to check out the teaser photo further in the article.

Last month, Hwasa, along with her agency RBW, confirmed a November comeback. However, on November 10, 2021, Hwasa announced that she was making her comeback at the end of November. Also, she uploaded a trailer as well as a teaser picture to give an insight into the new album. Like always, Hwasa looks stunning and makes everyone wonder about the actual concept behind ‘Guilty Pleasure.’

Hwasa November Comeback – Guilty Pleasure- Release Date

Hwasa is coming back with a new album, “Guilty Pleasure,” and will be released on November 24, 2021, at 6:00 pm KST. This will mark her second solo album after Maria. In June 2020, the singer released her mini-album with the title track, Maria. The song was a personal letter Hwasa wrote for her alias, Maria, and it became an instant hit among the fans.

Guilty Pleasure also has an exciting trailer, where we find Hwa Sa in her Maria attire and suddenly teleporting to a new world. The trailer seems confusing, but it’s clear that we will see another side of Hwasa’s life in Guilty Pleasure. Moreover, some fans speculate if Guilty Pleasure will be related to her previous album.

The teaser photo of Guilty Pleasure features Hwa Sa in stunning net top-wear and bold bob hair cut as she looks up. Check out the poster for Hwasa’s comeback down below:

Hwasa November comeback with Guilty pleasure
Teaser Photo for Hwasa’s second album- Guilty pleasure

In the meantime, listen to Maria and the other tracks from Hwasa and Mamamoo here. 


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