One Piece Chapter 964 Official Spoilers Leaked: Whitebeard, Roger, And Oden

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One Piece 964 spoilers

One Piece Chapter 964 spoilers are now out; there are tons of interesting stuff going on in the latest One Piece manga chapter. One Piece 964 is officially coming out on Monday, 2 December 2019, and the leaks will be coming out on 29 November 2019. Let us begin with the spoilers.

One Piece 964 Spoilers

Kozuki Oden requested to join Whitebeard Pirates because he wanted to travel the seas, his request was denied, because of Oden’s stubborn behavior, he ended up on Whitebeard’s ship anyway. He sneaks in Whitebeard’s ship on the night to leave.

One Piece 964 spoilers

I would like to let you guys know, the spoilers are a bit unclear, but we are adding it here anyway. Oden then jumps into the sea, and they captured Oden and Izou, who chased after Oden, with ropes.

Whitebeard pulled Izou up and left Oden hanging in the water. Whitebeard then said to an Izou that if he wants him to give up, then he’ll have to persuade Oden himself. Whitebeard made a deal with Oden that if he can endure for three days, then he’ll let him on the Moby Dick.

Oden was exhausted, and there was only an hour left, when he saw Toki on the beach, she was troubled by bad guys, and that is when she met Oden for the first time, and I would like to let you guys know, that she is an extremely beautiful lady.

Oden chased away the bad guys, but then they appeared again, but this time, it is Whitebeard that helped them. Oden, Izou, and Toki all got on Whitebeard’s ship.

Roger and Oden – One Piece 964

Kozuki Oden is happy that he’s traveling from places to places. We also got to see Shanks and Buggy read about Whitebeard Pirates’ successful activities from the newspaper. We also got the see the Pirate King (who is not pirate king, not yet), Roger, who says that he wants to meet that samurai, Oden!

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