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Top Selling Manga Ranked by Series In Japan 2019

Top Selling Manga Ranked by Series in Japan: 2019.

The 12-year long history was finally broken when One Piece did not top Oricon’s annual comic rankings by series in Japan. Shueisha revealed that within the beginning of this week, Demon Slayer, also known by its Japanese title: Kimetsu no Yaiba, had sold 10.8 million volumes. One Piece had managed to sell 12.7 million volumes within the same period of time, according to Oricon’s surveys.

Demon Slayer had not yet topped Oricon’s weekly chart as its highest was its recent Volume 17 at spot number 2 within the weekly sales surveys. Oricon’s listed volumes had increased in sales after Demonn slayers anime adaptation. This ranked the Manga within the top 10 of the monthly series rankings for the first time in April at spot number 5 and ranked as the 1st for the first time in August, occupying the first spot until October.

The following list covers sales from November 19, 2018, to November 17, 2019, as indicated by Oricon news.

#1 Kimetsu no Yaiba with 12,057,628 sales
#2 One Piece with 10,134,232 sales
#3 Kingdom with 7,661,361 sales
#4 The promised Neverland with 7,454,745 sales
#5 The Quintessential Quintuplets with 5,895,000 sales
#6 Boku no Hero Academia with 5,047,574 sales
#7 Attack on Titan with 4,704,234 sales
#8 Haikyu with 4,514,838 sales
#9 Kaguya sama love is war with 4,096,492 sales
#10 That time I got reincarnated as a slime with 3,414,482 sales.