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Summer Time Render Chapter 95 Spoilers

Summer Time Render Chapter 95 update and Spoilers

Summer Time Render released its latest chapter on the 2nd of December. This is where Shinpei had come to the Shrine in an attempt to stop the festival. He first went to talk with Karikiri about any shadows that might be present. Even though he was suspecting that Karikiri might be a shadow but later he was reassured that he isn’t one. Shinpei wanted to talk to Karikiri about the Hiruko legend. It happened 300 years ago during the Edo period where a “God” washed ashore on their home island. He also revealed that the “God” was Hiruko and as it drifted ashore the island it copied the body of a fisherman’s daughter, this is where the “Shadow sickness” began.

Karikiri didn’t believe him but Shinpei further explained that it is the one that killed his sister and his parents and that they’re going to kill everyone who gatherers for the festival. As they continue with their conversation Shinpei noticed that Harikiri was present in a photo that was taken 70 years ago and he still looked the same. He then deduced that Karikiri might be Shidehiko Hishigata in disguise. He then confronted him at gunpoint and told Karikiri to reveal the truth.

Summertime render follows the story of Shinpei, who after his parents died, was taken in by the Kofune family. One day when he returned to his island hometown to attend his foster sister Ushio’s funeral. Everything should’ve ended there, but Shinpei is told that Ushio’s death wasn’t an accident but a murder. On top of this, his other foster sister, Mio has caught a glimpse of a supernatural phenomenon known as “Shadow Disease”. Whoever spots someone’s doppelganger-like shadow will be cursed with death. When Shinpei finds Mio’s shadow, he was shot on the head. He later wakes up back in time to the day of Ushio’s funeral and is faced with a challenge. Will he be able to save his island or will he be doomed to die over and over again?

Chapter 95 will reveal the truth about the situation. Whether Karakiri is really a disguise or not. Shinpei is trying to get the truth out of Karikiri considering the upcoming festival where Shinpei is also suspecting that the Shadow sickness will kill a lot of people. According to Shueisha’s Manga plus, Chapter 95 will be available online on their official website as of Sunday, the 8th of December 2019 at 17:00 JST.