Marriage Story Review: Best Performances In A Broken Relationship

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According to stats, 50% of the couples who marry in the US go through a divorce. The same prediction has been made for 2019 as well. These stats are really shocking, and the fact that separation is so common that we expect is terrifying. Hollywood could be seen focusing on only the first half of the marriage with all the happy times and meets. Its a rarity to see a couple getting separated in a Hollywood movie.

Marriage Story has incredibly shown that very rare part of marriages. The movie is similar to Kramer vs. Kramer. The main focus is on the hardships of parenting and trying to carry out a difficult relationship simultaneously.

Performances are worthy of Oscar

People have assumed that the story is about the personal hardships faced by Noah Baumbach with his former wife, Jennifer Jason. The couple had married in 2005 and got a divorce in 2013, and there are various similarities worth noticing between the film and the real-life incident. The story revolves around Charlie Barber, who is a New York playwright. Nicole evolves as a shining star in his theatrical company. However, Nicole believes that her success is obstructed by Barber and thinks that she should take her life in her own hands. She will even get separated from him if she needs to do so.

The story has portrayed the emotional hardships that people go through during a divorce. They also increase confidence through small scenes that make them appear like a good couple. The story has been framed in such a way that no one is written, and no one is wrong. The actors chosen by Baumbach has nailed it by their actions.

The movie is a series of emotional and honest difficulties faced as they divorce. It has despair and sorrow but also has hope. The significant message sent by the movie is that no matter how tough and dark the time gets, there is always a hope of light in the end.

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