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Battletoads 2019: When Will It Release?

Battletoads 2019 update
Battletoads (Credits: Rare)

Battletoads were revealed at E3 2018 and the franchise fans were extremely excited about it. Even though it was revealed a long time ago, there haven’t been many details, except for one thing. There was a trailer for the game that confirmed something about like the next Battletoads game will support three-player couch co-op (which suggests that a new toad will not be added to the original game’s trio), will feature hand-drawn graphics, and will likely be released in 2019.

Battletoads 2019

Battletoads (Credits: Rare)

The game will be an Xbox exclusive but there is a possibility it might come to PC. The trailer for the game showed us that it won’t be serious instead it will have a lot of humor. It has been quite a long time since the fans have gotten a proper new Battletoads game. The last Battletoads title was 1994’s Battletoads Arcade; which was a pretty standard beat-’em-up. It reportedly didn’t do that well at arcades but the fans considered to be a pretty fun title.

Now let’s talk about the Battletoads doesn’t have an exactyet but it will be releasing sometime in 2019. The year is almost at an end so according to this, we might be getting the game before the end of December. In the 2019 trailer, there were a lot of lovely hand-drawn graphics which also confirmed that the game will be three-player couch-op mode. If we get any news on this we willthis article.