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Kenichi Suzuma Joins The Cast Of Bungu Stray Dogs For Season 3

Kafka Asagiri and Sango Harukawa’s manga Bungo Stray dogs inspired Anime series announced that its going to cast Kenichi Suzumura for Bungo Stray dogs season 3. According to the official sources of the anime, Kenichi Suzumura is cast as Katai Tayama.

Tayama’s character shown as somewhat a loner, he’s an ex-armed detective member. He’s now a hacker who’s known as Kunikida. The rest of the cast and the movie staff are going to remain the same for season 3. The anime is likely going to be out in April. The sources also revealed that Yen Press is going to publish the manga which has inspired the said anime series in English.

The said manga initially has been a muse to anime series seasons and an anime movie as well. The first anime season was telecasted from April-October 2016, later on, the second season was telecasted from October-December 2016. The film The Bungo Stray Dogs: the said manga inspired dead Apple. The movie had its opening in Japan in 2018.

Since the anime movie and the last two seasons of the said anime series proved to be a huge success, it very well explains the commencement of the 3rd season. The season 3rd of Bungo Stray Dogs is certainly keeping fans on tenterhooks, for those who are not familiar with the anime.

The Bungo Stray Dogs is about a squad comprised of individuals that possess enormous powers. The team is full of strong people; they’re strong enough to solve the mysteries and giving an end to the problematic missions for the Mafia. The anime series consists of characters with super abilities.