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The Ranch And Danny Masterson – The Show Cancelled Amid Problems?

The Ranch And Danny Masterson

In this post, we are going to talk about The Ranch, and the news of cancellation after the fourth season, and a little bit about Danny Masterson’s Rooster. The show has been making news due to its recent news on its series regular character Rooster, who has been brutally written-off without any citation. It drew the attention of a lot of people and the fans was a bit upset.

As we know, Rooster was played by Danny Masterson, and he has some rape and sexual misconduct allegations, which led Netflix to fire him off the show. However, Masterson was seen promoting the series and showing a good gesture. Fans are arguing that it has not been proven that Masterson has done any kind of harassment, and Netflix should take him back. But it seems nearly impossible as Netflix would not change its decision until he comes out clean off the issue.

Coming to the cancellation news of the show, we have been hearing that the show has been canceled. However, it is manipulated news as the show is currently working on the fourth season which will comprise seventh and eighth part of the show. So, there has been no official cancellation of the show. But we do know that the rumors came from Sam Elliott’s statement who plays Beau Bennett on the show.

It was reported by Variety, and the statement was, “Tomlin then encouraged him to join her Netflix series ‘Grace and Frankie’ for a few episodes, playing the love interest of Jane Fonda. He soon became a regular on another Netflix series, ‘The Ranch,’ which is shooting its fourth and final season.”

After knowing that the show is supposed to discontinue after the fourth season, we were shocked, and all the fans were also shocked. It is sad to see such a good show go, but hold on, we have another statement which might make you feel good.

Sam was later reported saying, “I committed to doing The Ranch for five years. We’re finishing up our fourth season, supposedly, that’s the end of it, but if they choose to go again, I’ll go again. By the end of five years, it would be a hundred episodes. It’s going to be 80 by the end of this year.”

This statement is more positive than the previous one which clearly eliminated any possibility of anything after the fourth season. But it looks like there might be more of the show as the main actors are happy to work on the show.

The Ranch series was renewed for Season 4 by Netflix last year, in 2018, which also means that we will be getting two more parts, we will be getting The Ranch Part 7 and Part 8, and if they stick to the schedule, we will be getting both parts in 2019. This is good news for the fans!

Updated on 30 March, 2019:

The Ranch Part 8 or Season 4 Part 2 is now in filming, according to the reports, the filming began in February 2019. You can watch a live taping of The Ranch Part 8 at the moment; there are 2 tapings coming in the next month. There’s one on April 5 and another one on April 12. The tickets for April 5 are already sold out, so you may have a better chance at getting tickets for April 12 episode taping.

At the moment, there’s noon Danny Masterson and his inclusion in The Ranch Part 8, if there’s anto this, we will let you know.