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Valeria Season 2 – Cast and Details

Valeria Season 2

Valeria Season 2 would be the forthcoming season of “Valeria”, the Netflix series that will premiere on May 8, 2020, is based on the novels by Spanish romantic comedy author Elísabet Benavent —”Betacoqueta”, as she is best known in social networks—. In this article, we present the details regarding Valeria season 2, cast, plot & production details.

Who is Betacoqueta?

Elísabet Benavent is a Spanish author from Valencia. Betacoqueta is her social networks handle name. Elísabet Benavent is a published author of 19 books, consisting of 17 novels and two non-fiction titles in three countries: Argentina, Mexico & Spain. Her books are translated into 11 languages —including French, Russian, Turkish & Dutch— and her “Valeria” Saga of novels was adapted by streaming giant Netflix into a series that will make its premiere on May 8, 2020.

Benavent was born in 1983 and studied audiovisual communications at Madrid’s Complutense University. Betacoqueta’s work is critically acclaimed in Spain, selling over 1.2 million books.

Netflix decided to pick up Betacoqueta’s 2013 primum opus “In Valeria’s shoes”, a romantic novel that evolved into a series of books: “Valeria in the mirror”, “Valeria in black & white”, and “Valeria in nude”. With the adaptation of Netflix of her Valeria series, Betacoqueta’s work will be available for 190 countries. How will this Spanish drama production do in comparison to other hits by Netflix in the same region as “Cable Girls” or “Money Heist”?

Valeria Season 2

Valeria Season 1 Still

Valeria Plot

“Valeria,” tells the story about a female writer in crisis. Her life is blocked. She has writer’s block, and her marriage seems to be going nowhere as she faces emotional distancing with her husband. She takes refuge in three of her best friends, Carmen, Nerea & Lola. Her unconditional friends as they take on the plot. Valeria & her friends see themselves immersed in a whirlwind of emotions regarding friends, love, jealousy, infidelity, doubt, lovesickness, secrecy, work, day-to-day life, joy, & dreams about the future.

This series is a millennial take on adult life with hints of Carrie Bradshaw’s Sex & The City dynamics  —Change New York City for nowadays Madrid. In a scenario where Spanish millennials face the woes of living in a world that’s different. These characters they expected to find themselves in a different situation after leaving college with a diploma. Once again, the drama of modernity through the eyes of strong female leads becomes the cliché for millions of enthusiastic readers worldwide as they pick up this novel series —which sees the hype of adaptation in a popular streaming platform.

Valeria Season 2 Screenwriters

The first season of Valeria was written by María López Castaño, as well as series creators Aurora Gracia, Almudena Ocaña & Fernanda Eguiarte. Betacoqueta participates as a creative consultant. Plano a Plano productions runs all the administrative details for this production. The second season is scheduled to enter postproduction as soon as the COVID—19 lockdown ceases with the same cast & production crew.

Betacoqueta expresses in an interview for a Spanish newspaper that the Valeria readers will learn about in her books will be further developed in the audiovisual step. Benavent is confident of the screenwriters and trusts that each character will have a story arc that leaves the realm of the imagination of her readers and go under the lens of the showrunners. Benavent is aware of the dreaded criticism surrounding every aspect of book adaptation: That the adaptation leaves important plots out. Still, we are hopeful about Valeria season two.

Valeria Season 2 update

Valeria Poster

Valeria Season 2 Cast

The Spanish Netflix adaptation of Elísabet Benavente’s “Valeria” has Diana Gómez —Tatiana in “Money Heist”—in the lead role of Valeria. We present the supporting cast:

  • Silma López as Lola
  • Teresa Riott as Nerea
  • Paula Malia as Carmen
  • Maxi Iglesias as Víctor. Iglesias also worked in “Physics or Chemistry” and “Velvet”
  • Ibrahim Al Shami as Adrian

Valeria Season 2 update

Valeria Season 2 Netflix update would be in 2021. Although this should be taken as a grain of salt because the Valeria Season 1 will be released on May 8th, 2020, which is still to happen. Any show’s conformation is based upon how well the season performs in front of Netflix audience, and we yet have to see that. But, if a new season is given green light it should and would be scheduled for next year.

Fans can watch Netflix’ Valeria Season 1 from May 08, 2020.

Valeria trailer

Netflix posted the trailer for Valeria in their official youtube website on April 14th, 2020.

We wrap up our coverage of Valeria Season 2 reminding the reader that OtakuKart posts daily content with updates on all of Netflix’s series and upcoming release seasons. Be sure to check out our other posts.