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Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 Season 2: Trailer Breakdown And New Leaks

Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 Season 2

Rainbow Six Siege recently posted the first official trailer for the new season of Rainbow Six. The trailer is lightly animated image, and in the trailer, one operator emerges for a hiding spot. There is also a second operator who is holding a pistol in the background, and a caption comes “Look carefully… what do you see?”

All this is similar to the leaks and some reliable looking gadget leaks. The figure in the trailer matches the reports of that of a Danish Frogman that we have seen, and there are also rumors there will be US Secret Service agent, and their names are set to be Nökk and Warden.

Moreover, some details about Nökk have been revealed. According to Ubisoft, Nokk will “strike fear into the hearts of anyone who goes up against her,” She is a member of the Jaegerkorpset who uses a cloaking ability which is similar to Vigil’s that makes her semi-invisible to cameras.

This attacker can infiltrate, gather intel, and defeat opponents using her stealth. Because of her HEL gadget, she becomes “nothing short of a ghost,” and leaves her opponents “looking over their shoulders.” She will be joining the Attacking team in Operation Phantom Sight which will be revealed in full through Twitch on May 19. Also, Season 2 will feature a rework for the Kaf map.