Big Brother Season 21 Episode 1 Release Details And Streaming

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Big Brother Season 21 Episode 1

All the Big Brother fans are excited, and why they should not? Big Brother is returning with its 21st season. Hence, we are here to talk about the season premiere episode. We have seen a pretty interesting 20th season, and now we are moving to another season with new cast members and new feuds. The cast of the new season is very interesting, as it includes from petroleum engineer to Broadway dancer.

Therefore, it will be interesting to see how the show kicks off this season, and what type of drama do these new contestants have for us. Additionally, the fans will be expecting a lot as the previous season was very involving, so it should also fulfill the expectations of the fans. Keep scrolling and we will be discussing where can you watch the new season, with a update!

Big Brother Season 21 Episode 1 update

The show is supposed to premiere its 21st season with the first episode tomorrow. The first episode of Big Brother season 21 is projected to release on 25 June 2019. The show is broadcasted on the CBS channel at 8 PM. The premiere episode is in two parts, which will be broadcasted on consecutive days.

Hence, episode 1 and episode 2, both will be season premiere episodes where we will meet the cast members and see them going in the house. The show can be watched online on the CBS app as well, as the CBS app and website have to stream for all the CBS shows available by providing TV subscription details. Hulu and Roku can also help to stream CBS channel!

The first episode will be broadcasted on 25 June, while the second episode will be aired on 26 June at 8 PM. The show will be hosted by Julie Suzanne Chen, and she is always entertaining! So, we are looking forward to another good season of Big Brother.

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