Millie Bobby Brown Said the Sweetest Things to Her Co-Star Dacre Montgomery

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Dacre Montgomery

The most recent season of Stranger Things was amazing, and it was a ride that I didn’t want to end. Even besides El, who is played by Millie Bobby Brown, there is one character that made the season, which is Billy Hargrove. The possesses of Billy by Mind Flayer kept us on our toes the whole season. But it was hard to feel bad for the guy because he was such a jerk in season 2. But in season 3, El helped his character which redeemed himself. Billy may be a bad guy in Stranger Things, but in real life, Dacre Montgomery is such a nice guy, according to Millie Bobby Brown.

Millie on Instagram gave a shout-out to her Stranger Things co-star. In that post, she posted a behind-the-scenes photo of Dacre and her lying on the ground as they filmed the scenes at the mall. She said in the post, “one of my favorite people I’ve gotten to work with. always so considerate and kind to me while filming some of the toughest scenes I’ve ever filmed. mate, you gonna go snatch those awards okurrrr ????,”

Billy did an amazing role in the season, which is award-worthy performance as Billy. He told in an interview with The Independent that he did a lot of research on bipolar disorders and split personalities. He said, “I wanted to treat it more like real-world experience. I think that’s why the show is so successful — it’s tethered to a science-fiction element, but it’s anchored very strongly in humanity.”

Dacre Montgomery stranger things season 3
Dacre Montgomery From Stranger Things Season 3 (Netflix)

Moreover, in an interview, Dacre said some great things about Millie while also talking about the scenes they filmed for the season’s climax. He said, “She [Millie] has such an emotional maturity. I like to give 150 percent every time I’m on set, and she’s the same way. We just scream at each other and cry and talk about things. It was warm and collaborative, and I was lucky that I had an actor who could provide all that emotion. When she’s talking about my mother, it’s painful, and we had to keep having our eyes wiped down, for continuity, because of crying.”

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