One Piece 955Delayed, Spoilers, And Raw Update

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One Piece 955 update, Spoilers, And Raw Update

There have been rumours spreading concerning the upcoming One Piece Chapter 955 and how this would be the second major twist in One Piece storyline.

Many fan theories have it that Zoro can be getting a brand new weapon and Luffy can be coming again within the imminent new chapter 954. Nevertheless, avid fans of Eiichiro Oda’s fashionable Japanese manga sequence are questioning if Emperor Kaido and Huge Mother Pirates captain Charlotte Linlin would resolve to work collectively once more to carry the Straw Hat Pirates down.

Whereas Luffy and the opposite members of the Straw Hat crew are making ready for the massive battle, spoilers recommended that the entire group can be going through one other menace within the imminent One Piece Chapter 954. The most recent chapter 953 confirmed that Emperor Kaido and Big Mother Pirates captain Charlotte Linlin have, undoubtedly, determined to combine their forces.

One Piece 955 update

It was claimed that Zoro selected Shusui first and giving it up proper now would make no sense in any respect. As a matter of truth, Ryuma as soon as acknowledged that Zoro being its grasp is Shusui’s long-cherished ambition. Therefore, followers ought to be careful with Zoro’s closing resolution within the up-and-coming One Piece Chapter 954.

One Piece Chapter 955 update

Fans might have to wait even further for chapter 955 as One Piece chapter 955is delayed. One Piece chapter 955 is on break till next week. We will be getting One Piece Chapter 955 raw/scans on September 13th 2019. 

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