The Gymnastics Samurai Episode 2 Preview, and Spoilers

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The Gymnastics Samurai

On the 9th of November 2002, the 56th All-Japan Artistic Gymnastics Championships is taking place. When Jotaro Aragaki is showing his great performance he messes up and fails to hang on to his target. His coach told him since he fails to win the medal and makes it to the tournament people don’t care about him anymore. Back in the past when he uses to win everything everyone made a big deal about his hair and called him Samurai.

The coach shows him a new paper spreading new that Samurai Aragaki Misfire and that is how they are treating him now. Due to his loss, his good deeds have vanished. The coach told him that getting bad results was the coach’s responsibility. Since Aragaki is getting old the coach said that they must stop this and get new youngsters.

This post is about The Gymnastics Samurai Episode 2 preview, and recap. The Gymnastics Samurai is also known as Taiso Samurai. We are not aware of any official ways to watch this Anime you can officially visit its website at Let’s take a look at how this Anime releases its new episode below.

The Gymnastics Samurai Episode 2 will be released on Sunday, 18 October 2020, at 1:30 AM JST. This Anime will releases a new episode every Sunday until it reaches its episode finale. Let’s move on to the latest updates of this Anime below.

The Gymnastics Samurai
The Gymnastics Samurai

Previously on The Gymnastics Samurai Episode 1

Aragaki thinks that he needs more training and the coach said that he cannot keep pushing himself to compete since he has injuries. Aragaki got injured during the earlier competition when he misfires. He also adds that with his injuries he won’t be able to win. The coach advises Arasagi to retire since he has an injury that doesn’t allow him to play again and he is getting old. He also said that he must feel the limit of his body and Arasagi receives a call.

It is Rei who is Aragaki’s daughter telling him that food is finished. Aragaki remembers all the time when he was told to retire and he keeps on saying that he is fit. The coach told him that he must think of a second career for him to take care of Rei. The coach apologizes for letting Aragaki pushing himself to the limit and Asaragi can’t imagine himself retiring.

When he reaches home he was scared to tell Rei about the retirement. He lied to her and said that his coach told him about new he never heard of and he is training for NHK competitions. The next day Aragaki went to the press conference and announces that he is retiring. He spoke his heart out and talk about his family and his daughter Rei.

The Gymnastics Samurai Episode 2 Preview

With all of the above updates lets meet again on Sunday we will be coming back with new updates of the upcoming episode. For this Sunday that is what the recent development of the next episode has to offer for us.

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