Golden Kamuy Season 3 Episode 30 Preview

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Golden Kamuy Season 3

Kironke reveals that their deal with those Kurafuto Ainu men only takes them this far and all thanks to their sleds they were able to travel a good distance. Sugimoto’s idea that Asirpa was still in the vicinity of Toyohara was very wrong. Asirpa has already gone to Shizuka a town near the border. Meanwhile, Shiraishi suggested that since they are broke why don’t they try to hunt some sables. Asirpa said that the streams around here have already frozen so catching hoinu is hard.

When the water freezes, they can just cross the ice. As they advance further they come across a coffin that Uilta calls a sky burial. Asripa asks what is Uilta and Kironke reveals that there are three minority tribes in Karafuto. The Karafuto Ainu, the Uilta, and the Nivk, the Karafuto Ainu don’t live anywhere past Shizuka. He reveals that they are now in the territory of the Uilta and Nivhk. The Uilta is the only one who put their coffins in trees for a sky burial and he said that their culture is disappearing.

Golden Kamuy Season 3 Episode 30 Recap

Golden Kamuy Season 3 Episode 30 will be released on Monday, 9 November 2020, at 11:00 PM JST. The spoilers of Golden Kamuya Season 3 next episode are not available. Note that every Monday new episode of this Anime will be released. You can enjoy watching this Anime on Crunchyroll. Let’s look at the following.

Golden Kamuy Season 3
Golden Kamuy Season 3

Previously on Golden Kamuy Season 3 Episode 29

Since a lot of the Uilta have been converted and are buried in the earth and when gods change the lifestyle also changes. Suddenly they heard the sound of a gun and they find that it is Ogata.  Asripa ask him what did he got and he said it is an Ezo deer. Kironke said that there are no Ezo deer in Karafuto when they look at it Asripa said it resembles a yuk. Kironke reveals that it is a reindeer and it has something around ita neck meaning that it belongs to someone.

Kironke thinks that there is a Uilta settlement nearby that let their reindeer graze at night and collect them in the morning. They heard the voice of a man calling his reindeer by its name saying Toh, Toh. Kironke advises Ogata that he must apologize and give the cigarette so that they won’t be mad about their reindeer. They went there and met with the owner of the reindeer who speaks in another language. Kronke translates that if he is the one who killed the reindeer he must repay them with a reindeer. If he can’t do that he must help them hunt the wild one.

Ogata went and hunt a lot of them and the old geezer is impressed. The old geezer said that if he stays her there won’t be any reindeer left. Later he offers them a place to stay and they enjoy eating together. The next day the crew pass the border and Kuronke said that they are in Rusian’s territory. A guy who was leading the reindeer sled got shot in his head and the crew takes cover since they don’t stand a chance against the Russians. The guy who got shot is not dead and the crew is happy about that.

Golden Kamuy Season 3 Episode 30 Preview

For this week that is all about the recent development of the Golden Kamuy Episode 30. Wait after seven days to get new updates of the upcoming episode.

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