One Piece Episode 152 Spoilers, and Updates

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One Piece

Momonosuke is standing in front of the prisoners who are bowing their heads on their knees. He promised them that he will avenge and protect everyone. He opens his heart in front of them and said that he will take back the Land of Wano from Kaido and his allies. Momosuke thanks them for waiting for 20 years without giving up and he reveals that he is the heir to the Daimyo of the Land of the Wano Kozoki Momonosuke.

Meanwhile, in the forest, Zoro and Komurasaki are being chased by Ninjas and Zoro told Komurasaki to focus on running without fear. The blue Ninja throws Shuriken towards Zoro who blocks it and tells Komurasaki to keep on running. Zoro mages to cut 4 Ninjas while Komurasaki reaches a hideout nearby. A group of Ninjas manages to pass Zoro when he is fighting with the pink Ninja. They surrounded the house that Komurasaki is hiding inside.

One Piece Episode 952 Recap

One Piece Episode 952 will be released on Sunday, 29 November 2020, at 9:30 AM JST. Keep in mind that every Sunday a new episode of One Piece is released. This post contains spoilers of the next episode you can skip them if you don’t like them. You can watch this Anime’s latest episode officially on Crunchyroll. Take a look at more details below.

One Piece
One Piece

Previously on One Piece Episode 951

When they are about to attack Zoro shows up jumping from the sky unleashing two-sword style. He attacks them with Tower Climb Return that took all of them in a single hit. The head of Ninja show up flying on his pink dolphin and started to attack Zoro. He said that Zoro is a serious criminal who pointed a sword at Orochi-Sama. They both started to exchange sword attacks and it was powerful where you can only see lightning. Zoro gets angry seeing that the samurai is acting tough thinking that he is on the same level as Zoro.

The samurai charges aiming for a final blow and Zoro cuts him into half along with his two swords. The samurai falls on his back as Zoro puts his swords back. Komurasaki came out of the building and apologize for getting Zoro into trouble. Zoro replied that he won’t be able to face Momonosuke if he gets her killed. Zoro wants to get back to the guy who stole his sword. Komurasaki said that he will guide him to the Bandit’s Bridge in Ringo to get his sword back.

Zoro reveals that he doesn’t feel comfortable without his third sword and he has to get it before the great battle. He then said that Orochis Hunting party is too weak and he hopes he is not mad. Komurasaki is worried about the safety of Otoko and Zoro said she is safe with his crew. Zoro adds that he will avenge Tonoyasu and he won’t forgive Orochi. Orochi is angry at the police officer that they let Zoro escape and the officer said they have captured Law. Orochi is happy that they will enjoy torturing Law and use him to their advantage.

One Piece Episode 952 Preview

That’s the latest preview and updates about One Piece Episode 152. For the next episode updates, we will be bringing them next week as soon as the new episode is released.

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