Vegeta’s New Form: Ultra Ego New Information Revealed

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Vegeta has been a major character in Dragon Ball Series. The Saiyans are an intergalactic warrior species and so is Prince Vegeta. He is egotistical, proud, and a workaholic. But not gonna lie, so far, he is one of the strongest characters who believe in the concept of hard work. Even after Goku attained so many strong forms, Vegeta always wants to surpass him, no matter what. Apart from that, he is also considered to be the greatest rival of Goku. After Goku unlocked his strongest form, Ultra Instinct, it was quite obvious to the fandom the franchise will also reveal a new form Vegeta. But what is his new form? Is he going to surpass Goku with his new form?

Ultra Ego New Information

Vegeta’s New form, Ultra Ego was created by none other than, Toyotarou. He is a Japanese Manga artist and also a writer of the spin-off manga known as Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission. He is also an illustrator of Dragon Ball Super Manga Series. The most important fact of Toyotarou is that he is chosen successor of Akira Toriyama.

So, the concept of Ultra Ego was brought by Toyatarou. And soon after hearing it, Akira Toriyama approved it because it really fits the nature of Vegeta. As we all know that, Vegeta is full of Pride which makes him egoistic. His hunger for becoming the strongest warrior is something that fits the name – Ultra Ego. Obviously, the inspiration has been taken by Goku’s strongest form so far – Ultra Instinct. For more information, Ultra Ego is similar to the power of God Of Destruction, which is obviously Beerus. So, yes, those who are capable enough to get trained with Beerus and attain the power can transform into Ultra Ego. There is a huge difference between Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego that ultra instinct basically enhances your instinct to god-level but Ultra Ego is all about destruction.

Recently, Twitter user @DBSChronicles tweeted that Vegeta’s Ultra Ego’s official coloured panel or official coloured form is going to get featured in Jump Fest on the 18th of December. This seems quite possible seeing the arrangements in Dragon ball super manga. Here is the tweet-

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