George Miller To Be Seen In Next Film, Anti-Mad Max in March 2020

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George Miller has begun his shooting as the production has also started in Australia on Three Thousand Years of Longing. The other cast members include Idris Elba and Tilda Swinton. Miller has obtained the ticket to make the film because even though he is an independent distributor, his movie Mad Max: Fury Road has been super hot and was nominated for Warner Bros blockbuster. The script was also very impressive, and FilmNation was more than happy to make an investment.

Independent filmmakers

Independently made films have already made good profits, such as Knives Out and Midway. The movie will firstly set in Australia and then move to London and Istanbul. Miller said that he wouldn’t want to take risks regarding the new movie. However, he has a lot to share about the Fury Road sequel. He has shared his desire to talk about the movie but thinks that talking about them night jinx them. In order to see what he has actually made, he has to complete it first. He also talks about how he focuses his movie on being fresh and unique.

The new movie would have strong visuals, as said by Miller, but it is opposite to Fury road. It has lots of action scenes. He would be putting the actors in some different circumstances and saying that he also told me that he wouldn’t want to speak a lot about the content. He also finds it interesting to make out a story, especially ones who have depth. Like with Mad Max: Fury Road, he was happy that people were able to read the context of the movie.

He shared that he was still working on the story of the movie and had to multi-task. As the uniqueness level rises, Miller finds it more interesting. He gives the example of Happy Feet Two, and he was also working on Fury Road at the same time.

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