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Jumanji 2: Breaking All The Records On Box Office

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Jumanji: The Next Level breaking all records on the box office. It already doubles the opening of the first part of this Jumanji series. But can this film beat star wars collection? That’s a question.

It is clearly visible as per records also that the audience is also not giving up on this series. We had seen this before also when Jumanji first part was released, it also crossed all records and collected around $400 million in the U.S. itself and beaten up the star wars: The Last Jedi collection. Two years ago also Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle was a surprise for all 0f us when it has beaten up all records and makers were hoping the same for the Jumanji: The Next Level. But it is very early to decide whether it will break all records or not.

Sony pictures early forecast for the opening of Jumanji: The next level that it would earn something up to $60.1 million, and they also estimated about welcome to the jungle part around $24 million. But an amazing fact about this is that there estimate was wrong and welcome to the jungle becomes the highest grosser and open with a Bang and same for the Jumanji: The next level as it also open with a Record-breaking start and becomes highest open for a comedy film has enjoyed in December.

But all are waiting for the rating from Cinemascore because we all know when we go through the collection as it is now also earning more than the opening day. As per the storyline, it is not that much different from the early one. Welcome to the jungle. As we see from the trailer, also the jokes are not that much new, but we can see the amazing bond between Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hert, and they have their energy packets, Jack Black and Karren Gillan. However, all of these are inhabited by their characters. Still, you get to see Dwayne Johnson making his dead-on impression of a teenager boy perfectly. But we also get to see Dwayne Johnson doing his grumpy Danny DeVito as well.