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The Bachelor Season 24 Episode 1: ‘Premiere’ Streaming, and Time

The Bachelor Season 24 Episode 1
The Bachelor Season 24 Contestants

In today’s episode post, we are going to be discussing The Bachelor Season 24 Episode 1 time, streaming, and all details. The upcoming episode is the season premiere of the 24th season, and the show will be making a debut. Before we move forward with our post, please note that this post contains spoilers.

When is The Bachelor Season 24 Episode 1 update?

The upcoming episode will be the 1st episode of the 24th season of The Bachelor. It will be airing on 6 January 2020, on Monday. The episode will release at 08:00 PM US time on ABC. The runtime for the episode is 85 minutes; the show is created by Mike Fleiss.

The Bachelor Season 24 Promo

Where to watch The Bachelor Season 24 Episode 1?

The show, The Bachelor, falls under the drama, romance, and dating genre. You will be able to watch The Bachelor Season 24 Episode 1 online on ABC’s official website as well as their mobile application by the name ABC – Live TV & Full Episodes’ on PlayStore and AppStore. This is, of course, when the episode is officially released online.

You can also stream the episode of The Bachelor Season 24 on unofficial platforms and websites. Still, we are highly against it; we recommend you to stream the episode on the official platforms only as this supports the creators of the show. This also means we will be getting more seasons of the show. As of now, none of the official platforms allows downloading of The Bachelor Season 24 episodes.

All of The Bachelor Season 24 Cast / Contestants

Maurissa Gunn, Jenna Serrano, Kelsey Weier, Hannah Ann Sluss, Victoria Paul, Avonlea Elkins, Deandra Kanu, Megan Hops, Kylie Ramos, Sarah Coffin, Sydney Hightower, Alayah Benavidez, Victoria Fuller, Lexi Buchanan, Jasmine Nguyen, Eunice Cho, Payton Moran, Tammy Ly, Courtney Perry, Savannah Mullins, Mykenna Dorn, Kelley Flanagan, Jade Gilliland, Kiarra Norman, Alexa Caves, Madison Prewett, Lauren Jones, Shiann Lewis, Katrina Badowski, and Natasha Parker.

What is The Bachelor about?

The show, The Bachelor, is a prime time reality television show. The show gives one lucky man and 25 women an opportunity to find true love. The show is quite popular among the fans as we are already in the 24th season of the show.