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My Hero Academia Chapter 216And Spoilers: New Arc Begins, League of Villains Move?

My Hero Academia Chapter 216

My Hero Academia Chapter 216 will mark the beginning to a new arc, but first, we’ll see some transitional chapter. A big arc just wrapped up, and we know that Horikoshi wouldn’t want to rush into anything.

All the students are most likely injured and tired, and I think we’ll see them resting, and doing the normal student things before we get something more intense related to a new arc. We also know that Midoriya’s New Quirk cannot be overlooked. Although we know it’s origins, the same cannot be said for the others. They might want to get to the center of it all and find out what is actually up.

I think it is time we see the Villain Alliance back once again. We’ve now gone about 3-4 arcs without the intervention of the Villains. It’s time we focus on what Shigaraki is doing. What’s more, we also don’t know what he did to the drug that can restore quirks.

Mirio certainly needs that drug, and I think it becomes relevant to the story shortly. Of course, all of these are my predictions, so they may or may not be true. Let’s see when the next chapter drops.

My Hero Academia Chapter 216 will drop officially on 11 February 2019. The scans for the chapter will be out on 8th February 2019.