Cells At Work Season 2 Trailer, Cast and Spoilers

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Cells At Work Season 2 update, Trailer, Cast and Spoilers

The debut of Cells at work anime had fans glued over to the show as a new perspective was introduced into the anime industry last year. Recent reports are revealing that Cells at work will be getting its second season and that its update will be announced soon. In this post we are going to talk about Cells At Work Season 2 trailer, cast, and spoilers. If you are more interested, we will first take a look at the season production and how it came to be below.

Cells At Work Season 2 Production: All Information

The production of the anime will be handled by Studio David and we can be quite confident of the work they will bring us as they are also working on good projects like Jojo Bizarre adventures and the second season of fire force anime. The director’s team includes Kenichi Suzuki who also worked on Drifters anime. The series composition writer Yuuko Kakihara, who also worked on Persona 4 will be working together with him to create the anime scripts.

The character design Takahiko Yoshida wa their chief animation director while Kenta Mimuro and Keiko Tomaki also worked with them on the character designs. Their music composer Kenichiro Suehiro, who also worked on Re: Zero will be working with them as well. The opening and endings for Cells At Work Season 2 and the music theme songs have not yet been disclosed. Although, for season 1, it was performed by Kana Hanazawa, Tomoaki Maeno, Kikuko Inoue, and Daisuke Ono who worked on “Mission! Health First”. The ED was “Cheers” by Claris.

Cells At Work Season 2 update

With regard to Cells at work Season 2, the production company David Productions, and all other teams related the anime production has only confirmed the production of a sequel to Season 1 anime. The exact date has not yet been disclosed so far. As we all know we have other agents that like to be at the top of anime news and would do all they can to get leaks. Spytrue, which are usually the ones who do this kind of work are suspecting that Cells at work season 2 will air in Summer 2020. Although this is not the official confirmation but just speculation. For more information about Cells at work Season 2, you can also check the tweet below.

Once any news related to the season 2 update is confirmed we will bring you more updates right away. Looking at the time frames for now. It is still possible for Cells at work season 2 to make it in 2020 as their animation studio has no many projects for now as they are currently working on Fire Force Season 2, Jojo Ova episodes and Strike Witches season 2 as their major projects and are already scheduled for 2020.

Cells at work season 2 Plot: What We Know?

Cells at work season 2 will finally build upon the plot already laid out in the first season. There is a possibility that season 2 will connect with the multiple spin-offs that season 1 had inspired and even tells more stories about Red Blood Cell AEE3803 and White Blood Cell U-1146. The anime production team usually tends to focus on introducing a different element of human anatomy and how the body works. This usually led to each chapter being adapted into a single chapter.

Cells at work season 2 will likely start with the memory cells’ story when they start to help to acquire immunity to viruses and how acne bacteria cause pimples. The mast cell’s hysterical antics and her histamine dumping will be returning as well for another bout of dengue fever. We will also get to see other medical problems like strep throat and hay fever making their appearance.

We will also see ta wandering platelet who is trying to train and become stronger. Meanwhile, the platelets have always been portrayed as young and cute. With their leader, Megakaryocyte, who is not as much but just a drill instructor. MOre character backstory will be revealed as well as White Blood Cell U-1146 and Eosinophil will be reminiscing about their childhood together as they lie dying in the battle. The preview for Season 2 is already released and you can check it out on the video below.

Cells At Work Season 2 Trailer/preview

Cells at work season 2 Episode Count

Cells at work season 1 only had 14 episodes of which the last on was an OVA. Generally, the first season worked on adapting each manga chapter into a single episode. but with only 11 unadapted manga chapters so far, Cells at work season  2 barely has enough source materials for season 2. But since there seems to be a go-ahead for season 2 despite all that, then I guess the production team will find ways to deal with that. This makes the second season to be relatively short and it could have 11 episodes. One thing they could do would be to use side stories to compensate for the lack of content from Cells that don’t work and Bacteria at work side stories.

Cells At Work Season 2 Cast

Various characters will be returning in season 2 and most of them are the ones from Season 1 that we now already. Some unknown identities will be revealed as well along as well new characters making their debut. Below we will be talking about characters that identities will be revealed and those that will be making their first appearance in Season 2.

Cells at work season 2 Cast
Cells At Work Season 2 Poster

The true identity of the mysterious poetry-quoting Blasphil will also be revealed. Yet the return of Cancer cell that was promised in the first season will likely return and that will probably be towards the end of season 2 as it is the fated battle we all been waiting for. White Blood Cell U-1146, Killer T, and Natural Killer Cell will make their appearance as they will team up once more to take on their nemesis.

Killer T will transform into Memory T Cell and e thinks that he can easily predict Cancer’s actions. But Cancer has a new ally who will be helping as well. The good and bad bacteria living in the intestinal tract will be introduced as well and this will be introduced as more characters will be making their debut. This is where the side story from the Bacteria At Work will be likely adapted.

That’s all the information About Cells at Work Season 2 we have managed to muster so far. Thanks for tuning in. And make sure to regularly visit our site as we will bring you updates as soon as any news crosses our way. As long as it is about anime, we got it covered!

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