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I Still Believe(2020) DVD, Blu-ray Cast, Plot and Update Details.

I Still Believe(2020) DVD Blu-ray: update
I Still Believe(2020) DVD Blu-rayPlot, Cast, and Update Details

Well, thanks to the recent Covid-19 outbreak as all the theaters got shutdown the movie “I Still Believe” which is based on the true story of a Christan singer Jeremy Camp and his first wife. The film is getting DVD and Blu-ray release soon across TV networks. There are a lot of rumors surfacing about the movie plot, cast and the postponed update as amazon has already removed the update because of the recent Coronavirus pandemic. Don’t worry we will talk about those all the points right here. Here is everything you need to know about “I Still Believe”.

I Still Believe Plot: What we know?

The film is based on a touching love story between Jeremy Camp which will be played by K.J Apa and her first wife which will be portrayed by Britt Robertson. The film will follow the love story between these two and the struggle they faced in their life. How the tragic loss of his wife in Ovarian cancer broke Jeremy Camp completely. And ultimately how he withstood his sadness to become a famous singer and finally meeting his second wife Adrienne.

I Still Believe Cast

The cast of I still Believe consists of the following actors.

  1.  KJ Apa as Jeremy CampBritt Robertson as Melissa Lynn Henning-Camp.
  2. Gary Sinise as Tom Camp, Jeremy’s father.
  3.  Shania Twain as Terry Camp, Jeremy’s mother.
  4. Melissa Roxburgh as Heather Henning, Melissa’s sister.
  5. Nathan Parsons as Jean-Luc Lajoie, a mutual friend also interested in Melissa.
  6.  Abigail Cowen as Adrienne Camp, Jeremy’s second wife.

Watch “I Still Believe” Trailer 

Yes!, we do have a trailer of the movie here is the link :

What is the critic’s response to the ” I Still Believe” movie?

Well the film has got some decent reviews from the critics some have given the film a thumbs up and some criticized the execution and some stretched scenes of the movie Overall the film has got 6.1/10 in IMDb and a 47% appreciation rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Here are some reviews of “I still believe”:

  • “There’s lots of praying, whether on stage or in hospital rooms, for Melissa’s recovery. As a dramatic device, however, the possibility of remission doesn’t pack much power.” by Mark Jenkins Washington Post who has given the file 2/4.
  • “I Still Believe is a poignant portrait of faith and doubt, love and grief, heartbreak and hope.” by Adam Holz Plugged In.

When is I still believe DVD and Bluray version are releasing? 

The film I Still Believe is going to release in DVD and Blu-ray on May 5th, 2020.

Streaming Details of I Still Believe :

The film will be available for streaming on Amazon, Apple Tv, Fandango Now, Google Play and Xfinity. You can stream the movie from these sites.