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Killing Eve Season 2:And Shocking Twist

Killing Eve is one of the fantastic dramas on BBC. The interesting thing about Killing Eve is that it is a comic-crime thriller, making it all the more interesting. Sandra Oh won laurels for the show at the recently held Golden Globes; she won the Best Actress. Nobody expected Killing Eve to be that big of a hit and yet it was. It made it to the list of one of the surprise hits of 2018. The first Season of Killing Eve nearly killed us in the finale episode and established a major cliffhanger. Villanelle (played by Jodie Comer) after many tries managed to escape.

Villanelle is actually Oksana Astankova, is a brutal hired assassin who centers her life all around even as so as she learns Eve is committed to chasing her. There are obvious tension and attraction between the two, Villanelle and Eve which leads many to think that perhaps this cat and mouse game may turn into a bond in the coming seasons.

While it is unknown and undeciphered what will happen next, someday that Villanella and Eve (Sandra Oh) will form a team in Season 2 and probably not leave anyone alive. One can’t rule out the possibility of Villanelle try and kill Eve! I’d bet more on the possibility of the latter than the former.

Eve’s character description is that female assassin are her topics of interest whereas for Villanelle, she finds herself attracted to women who have thick curly hair. At the end of Season 1, we saw Eve’s failed attempt at killing Villanelle.

I’d bet more on Eve’s character change in Season 2. From what it looks like, Ever will become something of a badass and may join the likes of Villanelle. Together these two shall embark on a journey to kill. That’d be some character shift and a plot twist that we all will love.

Killing Eve Season 2 returns to BBC America on April 7, 2019.

The filming is complete as it was shared by Jodie Comer on Instagram, She plays Villanelle on Killing Eve show. The shoot of the second season took nearly six months, and that clearly shows how much the show will have to offer to the fans.

The show now has an officialwhich is set on 7 April 2019. Also, the title of the first episode has been revealed, which is “Do You Know How to Dispose of a Body?” We also have a teaser trailer of the next season, which is linked below!

Updated on 30 March 2019:

Jodie Comer, who plays Villanelle on the show has posted on Instagram with the caption, “An accurate representation of how I feel now Season 2 of @killingeve is completed. That’s right guys, ITS A WRAP! Thank you to the entire crew for making this experience what it was! We’ve been living in each other’s pockets for the last six months, and it’s been nothing but good times! Love you all so much. Now I’m going to eat my feelings…”

The shoot of the second season took nearly six months, and that clearly shows how much the show will have to offer to the fans. After knowing the shooting period, my expectations have grown drastically! So, let’s hope that the show will hit the small screens soon!