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EA Sports UFC 4 Game:And What We Know So Far

UFC 4 update
UFC (Credits: EA)

In the middle of this year, EA confirmed that UFC 4 was in works. The first game of this franchise released on PS4 and Xbox One in June 2014 and afterward there have been two more UFC titles alongside one mobile game. The one that revealed or should I say accidentally revealed it was Jon Anik. This has been confirmed but it was pretty obvious to the fans that the fourth title of the game was in development from EA. On Twitter, Jon Anik spilled the beans in a Tweet which reads:

“In New York City starting the voiceovers for EA Sports UFC 4 but we just finished taping [Anik & Florian Podcast] and it will be up in about 10 minutes. I appreciate your patience.” EA got into the MMA video game back in October of 2010 and they purchased the right to publish a game using the Strikeforce banner and its fighters. At the time, UFC games were published by THQ.


UFC (Credits: EA)

Furthermore, Dana White who is the UFC president bashed EA Sports for not giving the promotion a chance when they were first approached about publishing a video game. The question now arises, now the game is in the works, what can we expect from it.

Well, it will definitely be better in terms of graphics and gameplay than the last game that’s for sure. The career mode in EA UFC 3 was good and in UFC 4 we will be getting much more amazing career mode that many are looking forward to.

Moreover, the devs might even add more features and some challenges to the game. Who knows we might even get a battle royal mode like FIFA. Hopefully, the story mode will get more improvements and by the looks at EA’s other story modes, it will be a very good experience for the fans of UFC. There haven’t been any details on thefor the EA UFC 4 but we might be getting some news about it in the 2020 E3 event.

The development of UFC 4 has started way back in early 2019, and we all know that when EA starts working on something, they like to keep it low until they are done with it. Many are having questions about whether the game will be coming or not, but we are very positive that the game will be coming out this year.

One of the main reasons is UFC has agreed to an eight-year licensing deal with EA to develop 4 UFC games. Now, they have one game still to develop before they reconsider their contract. Thus, we will be getting another game, and the question is, when?

UFC 4 update: When is the coming out?

EA UFC 4 is expected to release in Fall 2020, as of now there is noon theby EA Sports.

The game is also rumored to include:-

Alexander Volkanovski
Weili Zhang
Jairzinho Rozenstruik
Dominick Reyes

Possible New Features

  • DWTNCS in Revamped Career Mode

The UFC franchise is in total need of a new career mode experience as fans have requested upgraded career mode experience for a while now, so we can expect to see a new career mode experienced with a much easier interface.

  • Improved Replay System

The graphics in the UFC are top-notch. Like most games of the top games have theatre mode or replay system, we are expecting that UFC 4 will have a similar feature.

Is UFC 4 getting delayed? -1

EA Sports have not given anyon the development of UFC 4. Jon Anik revealed last year in April 2019 that they were working on voiceovers for EA Sports’s UFC 4. That was the lastwe received on UFC 4, the game is in development right now, but how much it is finished, we do not know that for sure.

Due to Coronavirus, many gaming studios have halted the development of their games or have moved the development to work from home. This is sure to delay the development, the game was expected to release sometime in 2020, but it looks like, we might be seeing a delay in the release of UFC 4, and the game will probably be released in 2021. We are going toyou once we have more information from EA Sports, we have asked their input on this.