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Black Clover Episode 81: ‘The Life Of A Certain Man’ Release Details And Spoilers

Black Clover Episode 81 update
Black Clover Episode 81

Black Clover’s second season will soon be coming to an end. Just two episodes are remaining before the season ends. The last episode of Black was pretty amazing, and it was exciting. The fans are looking forward to another brilliant episode of Black Clover. Before we begin, let me warn you that this post has spoilers and if you don’t like being spoiled then I suggest that you click away right now. Now, that we have got it out of the way, let’s begin.

The title of the next episode of Black Clover is, “The Life Of A Certain Man.” In the episode, we see Augustus shouting at Asta and Langris for fighting without his permission. Julius intervenes, and the two of them stop their fight. Then the two go back to their respective teams. Asta is apologetic about his behavior. In the meantime, Yami, Mimosa, and Xerx go back to the battlefield.

Julius instructs them on how to win the competition. It surely won’t be a disappointing episode. They are bringing the second season to close, and I can already feel the tension rising. The show plans to end the second season on a high.

The episode will be released on April 30, 2019. You can watch the episode on official streaming sites such as Crunchyroll.