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Santa Clarita Diet Season 4: Cancelled By Netflix?

Do you know the most shocking news of all time? Less than a month after the release of the hit dark-comedy series Santa Clarita Diet, Netflix had decided to kill the series. This sudden move which comes then a month after the third season has taken fans by shock. For those of you wondering whether we’ll get the third season, the answer is No. No one can explain this move by Netflix, for it had shocked the critics and fans alike. If you think about it, season 3 of Santa Clarita Diet did extremely well upon its March 29 update.

The controversial cancellation by Netflix’s has fans besides themselves with anger and grief. God knows why Netflix is ending its original shows and picking up canceled shows from another network. Santa Clarita Diet became a victim to this latest trend by Netflix, like for example “One Day at a Time” too was canceled after three seasons. So Netflix goes around and saves Lucifer from cancellation but lets Santa Clarita Diet die.

Santa Clarita Diet was a dark comedy starring Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant in the lead roles. It followed their stories as they contracted a sort of zombie virus that compels them to eat other humans. Such inane move by Netflix has prompted fans to mobiles an online campaign asking for a decent closure and a season 4 for Santa Clarita Diet.

As goes for the ratings of the show, Santa Clarita Diet has 89% on Rotten Tomatoes; season three had a perfect 100% score. According to Google’s user ratings listed 96% positive ratings for Santa Clarita Diet, this leading to shock waves upon its cancellation. Unless Netflix revives it, we don’t see any hope for the TV show as it remains a Netflix original. Fingers crossed.