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World of Warcraft: Shadowlands: New Update

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands update
World of Warcraft: Shadowlands update

World of Warcraft will be returning with its massive eight-expansion pack, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands and fans are excited to see what the developers have to put on the table. According to the official updates, the pack will be released with a lot of changes which includes a new leveling system as well.

We have gathered all the recent updates, and information regarding the upcoming season so here is everything you need to know about the upcoming World of Warcraft: Shadowlands.

What are the Gameplay details of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands?

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Still

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Still

According to the latest updates, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands will be implementation level reducing, something which fans haven’t seen since 2004. The upcoming game will be reducing the former highest level to 50, and level 60 will be the highest level of the game. The game will also introduce a new feature which Blizzard calls as ‘New Game+ experience,’ in which whenever a player creates a new character, that character will be starting its journey with an updated experience on the island ‘Exile’s Reach’ that will introduce the player to the game. After finishing this, players will move straight to Battle for Azeroth. 

Blizzard also revealed that World of Warcraft: Shadowlands would sport five main regions namely Ardenweald, Bastion, Maldraxxus, Revendreth, and the Maw, while the city of Oribos will be serving as the main player hub, and the game will have four new dungeons which will get doubled at the highest level. 

Apart from that, one more dungeon called Torghast, Tower of the Damned, will be available. The dungeon is described as an “endless dungeon,” and fans can play it in both group and solo mode. The game is one of the most anticipated games to come out this year, and with major companies pushing their gamers are looking forward to seeing if Blizzard sticks to their words.

What are the pricing details of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands? What are its Features?

The Pre-Order details of the game are:

  • Base Edition: Will cost $39.99, and it includes a copy of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands and Death Knights for Allied Races and Pandaren early access that will start with the update of updated Visions of N’Zoth content.
  • Heroic Edition: Will cost $59.99, and it includes the base edition and additional instant access to a Level 120 Character Boost and the Ensorcelled Everwyrm flying mount. 
  • Epic Edition: Will cost $79.99 and it includes heroic edition, and an additional 30 days of game time, the Anima Wyrmling pet, Eternal Traveler’s effect, and Illusion: Wraithchill.

The features of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands include:

  • New Character Customizations
  • New Leveling System: Level Squish in Shadowlands
  • New Maps and Zones
  • Anima Power and Soulbinding
  • A new dungeon, Torghast, Tower of the Damned

When is World of Warcraft: Shadowlands? 

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is expected to release sometime in the fourth quarter of 2020. The official update is yet to be revealed, however, the executive producer, John Hight assured that the game would be released in 2020 only.