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One Piece Manga Calendar : August – September 2020

One Piece Anime

With the recent breaks in One  Piece Manga chapters and the interesting events taking place in Wano. One Piece’s upcoming chapters will be only getting more interesting. Well, that would most likely be that case until the end of the raid as the fight to liberate Wano has finally started. Now fans are looking forward to how the upcoming chapters will be scheduled as the Manga is going on a break after the release of One Piece Chapter 987.

In this post, I will be presenting to you the remainder of the Shounen Jump schedule for One Piece Manga calendar for the months of August and September. We would also be looking at when the manga will be taking a break so that you know when new chapters of the manga will be coming out.

Currently, the Manga experiences two kinds of breaks. One where Oda himself takes a break, which happens around every three manga chapters. And the Shounen Jump breaks where no Jump magazines will be released during that break. The manga is going on a Shounen Jump break and will resume after a week. So there will not be any releases for next weekend.

Keep in mind that we will be updating this article as soon as new information is updated by Shounen Jump. For now, we have the release schedule up until the last Sunday of September 2020 as published by VIZ media’s official website. We will also indicate where the manga will take breaks based on Shonen Jump’s and the manga creator’s breaks. Take a look at the latest published schedule below.

One Piece

Manga Chapter        update

One Piece 987              10 August 2020

One Piece 988              23 August 2020

One Piece 989              30 August s2020

One Piece 990              6 September 2020

One Piece 991               13 September 2020

One Piece 992               20 September 2020

One Pece 993                27 September 2020

Note that these days are subject to change as per the Shounen Jump schedule. So in case, any changes are made, we will also update this post accordingly. There are some cases where the manga updates are shifted to Mondays, just like it is the case with One Piece Chapter 987 that will be released on a Monday.

So far we only have a schedule for August and September, so as soon as the schedule is updated for the upcoming months, then we will also be adding them. After the next chapter, the manga will be going on a 1-week break and return on August 23. After that it seems like the manga will continue for a while without any breaks.