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Read One Punch Man Chapter 134 Spoilers, and Recap

One Punch Man

We are back with the latest development of One Punch Man lets start by looking at the last chapter of this Manga. Tatsumaki tries to cuts the fusion of Psykos and Orochi from their tendrils. Psykos attacks with a powerful blast at Tatsumaki that cuts the edge of the planet. Suddenly Tatsumaki blocks the blast without suffering from injuries. Psykos is happy will her new powers she reveals how she got the new powers.

Psykos new powers started showing when she was fusing with Orochi. They met with another powerful being that shows them about their destiny and bestowed them with power. Tatsumaki teases Psykos about her new powers that make Psykos to be angry. She continues to attack with another round of energy beams. The intense battle is about to begin let’s take a look below what will happen.

Today’s post is about One Punch Man Chapter 134 recap. Today we will find out how Psyko’s new powers will work since the real battle will begin let’s see how the battle goes below. Let’s start by looking at the monthly release schedule of this Manga below.

One Punch Man Chapter 134 will be released any time this month since the last chapter was released in July. This chapter might be released this month. This Manga keeps on delay its new chapters, This post may contain spoilers of the upcoming chapter, make sure you proceed with caution. Let’s take a look at some of the latest development below.

One Punch Man

One Punch Man

Previously on One Punch Man Chapter 133

The battle between Tatsumaki and the fusion of Psykos and Orochi has begun. Psykos spread her energy beams all over the sky meanwhile Tatsumaki weaves through them. She destroyed a large plot of land and begins tossing them towards the tower, Psykos managing to counter every one with no damage. Psykos and Tsumaki started to fight close to each other and engage in a wild storm of attacks that destroys remain of the city below.

The flurry ends as Tatsumaki finds a way to sneak through Psykos’s roots, ripping the fusion’s body apart from the inside. While thinking the fight is over, Tatsumaki begins to rescue all the Heroes that were trapped from the tower. Suddenly Psykos and Orochi regenerate and surprise Tatsumak. They are about to take a head-on blast from Psykos.

Genos blocks away from the blast in the last second. Genos. Genos saved and free Tatsumaki who prepares to face off against a regenerated Psykos and Orochi. Meanwhile, Saitama and Manako are still trying to free Flashy Flash with all of their powers. Manako shows Saitama a trick to stop suffering from his hunger. Flashy Flash is happy that no one will see him in such a humiliating state.

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