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Dragon Age 4 Information Could Be Arriving Next Month

Dragon Age 4 big reveal
Dragon Age 4 (Credits: BioWare)

BioWare has teased something regarding Dragon Age 4 and it will be happing on 4 December. The game teased back in 2018 during The Game Awards and after that BioWare didn’t tease anything about it. This is one of the most anticipated games and it has been kept under the curtains for a long time. The time has now come for it to be revealed and it will happen next month.

3 November, which was a Sunday marked the 10th anniversary of Dragon Age: Origins which was the first game of the series that was developed by BioWare. Many fans of the series celebrated this and BioWare also jumped in on the occasion. On their official Twitter account, BioWare revealed that it has plans to further celebrate next month. In the tweet, they wrote:

Dragon Age 4

Dragon Age 4 (Credits: BioWare)

“Today marks 10 years of Dragon Age!” BioWare said on Twitter. “This year we’re excited to join the community’s party on December 4th and celebrate a decade together in the world we all love. See you on 12/4 for Dragon 4ge Day!”

This was a hint that was dropped by BioWare. It might seem like a normal Tweet bit it isn’t as you can see BioWare replaced the “A” in Dragon Age with the number “4”. This 4 could mean that more details, as well as information about Dragon Age 4, might get revealed on the given date. Even though if BioWare wants to reveal something is quite ok but that won’t be itsthat’s for sure. I say this because recently, EA revealed that they expect Dragon Age 4 to launch by 2022 at the earliest. Whatever it may be, the fans are hyped and can’t wait for the promised date.