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Mao Chapter 26: Spoilers, and Raw Scan Details

With only two volumes released, the Manga is finally getting some serious action in the plot, and a lot of spectacular series of events are unfolding, bringing about an intense storyline. That’s about all we’ve seen in chapter 25 as the burden that comes with MAOs sword seemed to be upbringing more complications within the upcoming chapters.

The previous chapters worked much on building the storyline and character development; although it is not yet complete, we’ve already seen acts of betrayal as Mao was set up. The buildup of the mystery surrounding the Byouki still indicates that this will be a story of many mysteries to be revealed.

Now, as another bombshell was dropped, revealing that Mao was intended to be the sacrifice for the battle to determine the next exorcist successor, this opens up many possibilities for chapter 26 as now we will be taking a much closer look at Mao’s past and who he really is. This makes us look forward to chapter 26 as the one to bring more mysteries surrounding the young Man

Mao follows the story of Nanokana Kiba, a middle school girl who has been traumatized by a near-death experience she had eight years in the past. After getting caught up in supernatural events that even twist the laws of nature, a mysterious boy from a different dimension named Mao saves her from another near-death experience.

Written by Rumiko Takashi, Mao began its serialization on 8 May 2019 from Shogakukan’s Weekly Shōnen Sunday manga magazine. It is currently released on a weekly basis with the magazine of which according to VIZ media, is released on Wednesdays. So Chapter 26 of the Manga will be available online on official sites probably from Thursday 28th November, as the Sunday magazine is the earliest to receive new chapters.