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You Season 2 Trailer – Joe Turned Creepier As He Returns

Penn Badgley has returned to the superhit Netflix show, You. The return can be seen in the upcoming trailer that will out in the sophomore season. He plays the role of Joe Goldberg, an unpleasant and hypocrite stalking murderer who has stopped by a coffee shop and hates it.

The trailer revolves around his critical judgments made on fellow customers such as a woman who takes selfies, a man-eating a vegan muffin, and a writer working on a screenplay. According to him, everyone is pretentious about being someone else.
Then he goes to the cashier and gives him the name to confirm the order. His name is accompanied by a creepy smile which hints towards something devilish, maybe his next plot?

Feature of the season

The new season of You is based on the novel Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes. The show features Joe moving across the country as he goes to California after the first chapter’s setting in New York. Joe falls in love with a woman named Love on the West Coast.
Does it raise many questions like will history repeat itself? Or will it be genuine love this time? Clearly, Joe will go to any extent to risk everything.

The show will feature if 2 of December on Netflix. The show definitely arises a lot of curiosity as it portrays Joe in a new place with a completely different identity. Joe being a crazy and creepy character, fans expect him to cross new limits of his weirdness. We cannot make any comments wild guesses about what plot will be hatched by Joe. At this point, we don’t even know if Joe will be back or not because Joe has transformed into Will. The new devilish plans of the character confer excitement and a sense of suspense among the fans. To witness his new boundaries and, and how far will Joe go this time, we will have to stay tuned and watch the show.