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Leroy SmithFor Tekken 7 Confirmed

Leroy Smith update
Leroy Smith (Credits: Takken 7)

Tekken 7 is one of the best fighting games right now and it will be getting some a new DLC characters this week. During the Tekken World Tour Finals many of the things were revealed like some new information as well as including afor previously revealed additional character like Leroy Smith, and the announcement of future DLC. Leroy looks pretty awesome and he will be making his way to the game on 10th December which is also the launch date of Ganryu.

Ganryu will be making his way back into the game. He (Ganryu) has been designed by the developers because of which he looks more amazing. Moreover, his facial animations were captured by Tekken director Harada himself. Also, a brand new character will be coming to the game which is from Thailand, and he seems to be a brutal kick boxer.

Leroy Smith

Leroy Smith (Credits: Takken 7)

The exactfor the character hasn’t been revealed yet but the time Frame has been which is in Spring 2020 and there are also going to be some new stage coming alongside him. Takken 7 is a very good fighting game that has had a lot of succes since it release and is going strong to this day. It has a dedicated fan base and the game is getting content to this very day.

There hasn’t been any word on when the fighter from Thailand which coming exactly but we might be getting some answers next year for sure and some more information if there are going to be more upcoming characters in the future.