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Monsters Inc 3: Is a New Movie Under Work?

Monsters Inc 3: Is a New Movie Under Work?
Monsters Inc.

Presented by Pixar, the delightful animation film, Monster Inc, has all the right ingredients to change the way we thought about monsters. Monsters Inc. The cine – magic, lead by two main monsters named Mike and Sulley, presents a bucketful of heart and a hilarious dose of humor. The film can be rated as nothing short of gold mined at the office of the Pixar’s and teaches some heartwarming lessons of friendship and childhood, the lessons which are guaranteed to charm the child in you.

The prequel to the film “Monsters University” refers to the time when Mike and Sulley were best friends. They struggle in a narrow cabin but later join in “Scar Game” for the deadliest scar in the University. It has been seven years since we saw the duo at Monsters University, and we wonder whether we would be able to see them again in the next sequel.

What is in Monsters Inc 3 Storyline?

The original film, Monster Inc, introduces us to the Monster World of Monstropolis, a unique settlement powered by the screams of children. Monsters, like Sulley, collect these screams at night from the human world to let the city be changed for eternity.

The crisis in the city develops when Boo, a little girl, accidentally enters Monstropolis, paving the way for an adventure. The trio, forming a monster – human bond, tries to hide Boo from the authorities and find ways to send her back to the human world.

As the story progresses, Monsters Inc. learns a greater truth about humans – “A child’s laughter produces a lot more energy than their screams.” The film ends, with Sully taking over as the CEO of Monsters, Inc. for a brief period of time and reuniting with Boo one last time.

Now, talking about the sequel of the film, “Monsters Inc.,” director Pete Doctor has ideas that move forward to a time when Boo is an adult and will explore his grown-up life just like ‘Toy Story 3’.

What is the likely cast for Monsters Inc 3?

It is expected that the original cast of the movie will reprise their roles in the would-be sequel. The likely cast may include Billy Crystal (as Mike Wazowski), John Goodman (as James P. Sullivan), Steve Buscemi (as Randall Bogg), Bob Peterson (as Roz), Johan Ratzenberger (as Abominable Snowman) among others.

One thing is obvious for the brand new sequel, and that is, the new cine – magic will comprise new cast members, more monsters, and a grown-up Boo.

When is Monsters Inc 3 update?

The prequel to the series becomes likely as Pixar and Disney are working on a spin-off TV series, “Monsters at work,” featuring the original cast. Taking into account that Pixar has upcoming projects like Onward and Soul to fulfill its a global commitment, we can find the much-awaited sequel to hit the theatres only around 2023.