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Mind Hunter Season 2: update And Updates

Fans of the Mind Hunter, you must know that Season 2 will hit Netflix sooner than you expected it to actually. Expect the show that traces the hay-days of FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit to air faster in 2019. They say that Mind Hunter has wrapped shooting Season 2 just recently. Mind Hunter is a crime drama show, which is set in 1977 against the backdrop of FBI agents Holden Ford and Bill Tench working on modern technology. The technology that I am talking about is that of creating modern serial-killer profiling. It obviously means that Mind Hunter would be back on Netflix as soon as possible.

Mind Hunter Season 2 will include eight whole episodes instead of 10. Cinematographer Erik Messerschmitt thanked all those who worked on Mind Hunter, the professionals. He called the three directors on Mind Hunter as “incredible,” the cast as “beautiful,” and the crew as the ” strongest” of his career. It also hinted that Messerschmitt’s post meant Season 2 of Mind Hunter was on its way to the Netflix library.

Mind Hunter Season 2

Mind Hunter

There are rumors that Mind Hunter may come to Netflix in June, but that remains unconfirmed as of now. Season 1 of Mind Hunter debuted on October 13, 2017. If one were to keep that release schedule in mind, it would mean that Season Season 2 would arrive sometime in October of 2019.

We do not have a update for Season 2 as we speak, neither do we have any teasers or trailers. To be fair, it’s too early in the game to take guesses at hints at anything. But the newer season will deal with Atlanta Child Murders. This Season murderers such as Wayne Williams, Charles Manson, Tex Watson, David Berkowitz and several more would be introduced.

The said murders took place between 1979-1981, and they claimed the lives of 28 African-American children including adolescents, and adults. Wayne Williams in 1982 was convicted of these adult murders and later sentenced to prison. But in reality, Wayne may have committed over 23 out of these 29 said murders.

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