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Warner Bros. Montreal Again Teased New Batman Game


Warner Bros Montreal has once again teased the much-awaited game, Batman. Being one of the most perennial characters, Batman has its own fan army, so people are going crazy about it. Since the company has teased, all-new teaser people had their own ramifications about the game. The recent teaser comes in the form of images that fit together to create a crest.

The recently released teaser has also impeded fans with an all-new emblem. The company has released it on several social platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, the logo comes with the caption “Cape Sur la Nuit / Capture the Knight.”

The new logos have pointed towards an all-new game featuring the Court Of Owls. Also, the previous tease was backed up by the original Court Of Owls author Scott Synder along with a hashtag #bewarethecourtofowls. The court of owls is a secret group that kidnaps children and make them assassins. The court of owls was a villain in batman comics, introduced in 2011.

Fans are envisaging that the four inner circles depict four characters; this may include Bruce Wayne, Batgirl, Damian Wayne. Although these are just pre assumptions, no official announcement on the same, but all these teasers and posters, have surely confirmed one thing that a new Batman game is coming.

Gotham City has been an integral part of Batman for a long time. So it will be a part of the Game now it will be very interesting to see what makers offer in there whole new project.