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One Piece 932And Spoilers: Big Mom Allies With Strawhats?

One Piece Chapter 932

One Piece 932 dropped today, and I think we can all agree that it was a very good chapter. While it wasn’t as interesting as the preview one, it was very good in its own right. We got to see Sanji’s Raid Suit.

He fought against Page One, and in that fight, we saw a lot of his new abilities. Looks like he’s way stronger than before now. We also saw Nico Robin searching for some documents or Poneglyph at Orochi’s castle, and there she got caught by the Oniwaban, which is very unfortunate.

It’ll be interesting to see how Robin manages to escape. She’s just got caught, and for now, they don’t know who she really is. If they do realize it somehow, Robin will be in grave danger.

Moving on, we also saw Big Mom in the previous chapter, and it seems she’s lost all her memories. Chopper, Kiku, Tama, and Momonosuke try to approach her, and Big Mom says she doesn’t know who she is. In the next chapter of One Piece, I’m pretty sure that we’ll see Sanji vs. Page One come to an end.

The fight may have already been over. That bit wasn’t cleared to us yet. However, if that’s not the case, then the fight will definitely end in the next chapter.

Moving on, I also think that Big Mom will be trying to make friend with Chopper. Her personality seems like that of a kid, and I think we’ll see her want to make friends. She may become an important asset in the war against Kaido.

One Piece 932 will release next week. The scans for the chapter will be available on 8th February 2019. The official11 February 2019.