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Long Island Medium Season 15 Cast, Trailer and Update

Theresa Caputo performs at Fillmore Miami Beach at Jackie Gleason Theater Featuring: Theresa Caputo Where: Miami Beach, Florida, United States When: 23 Feb 2014 Credit: Johnny Louis/

Lady claims that she is an expert in mediumship, which is an art of communication with the dead. In this article, I’ll discuss the Long Island Medium Season 15 cast, trailer, all you need to know. The series has gained positive response from the critics and fellow viewers. Long Island Medium has profitable seasons till now, most probably the series will be renewed for the fifteenth season. We’ll dwell the discussion on those television series. Here are the details of everything you need to know about the Long Island Medium.

The update of Long Island Medium Season 15 has not been officially confirmed. After many successful seasons, it’s expected to be renewed for another profitable season. The last season was premiered on October 18, 2019. The last season was a huge success with many viewers engaging themself with a good response rate. The last season consisted of ten episodes. The Television reality series is produced by Magilla Entertainment and broadcasted in TLC. The Series has been profitable overall pushing the production to continue their progress in making another season. The IMDB rating of this series is 4.8/10. The rating doesn’t seem to that good for a television series but it has survived for a commercial profit.



The cast featured are Theresa Caputo, Larry Caputo Jr., Victoria Caputo, Frank Marino, Chris Jacobs, John Mateer, Malanie David, Jim Parsons, Kenneth Blake, Nicholas Foote, Caine Keenan, Ginger Wilkins, Jon Cryer, Lisa Joyner. However, these are the cast present in the last season. For Season 15, the cast details have not been confirmed yet. We’ll update you with the cast information once the officially announced.


We regret the inconvenience, we don’t have a trailer for season 15 of Long Island Medium. We do have a trailer for the last season which will be useful to get an idea about the show.


Long Island Medium is an American Television series broadcasted in TLC. Theresa Caputo plays the main cast. She claims that she can interact with the dead using the art of Mediumship. The episode involves conducting private and group reading with both believers and critics. Caputo is a married woman with children. Their family members have learned to live with her supernatural ability to speak with dead people. The show has been a commercial success with already fourteen seasons in a row. The audience has mixed entertainment of fun and excitement toward the series. As far now there are more reasons for another season based on the commercial profit and the overall response from the fans