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10 Best Anime Shows Available To Stream On Hulu

10 Anime To Stream On Hulu
Anime Hulu

Nowadays every big streaming company is trying to get their hands on as many anime as they can because with each passing day anime fan bases are increasing. Netflix has already got a lot of anime, and so does Hulu. If you are a Hulu user, then you might want to try out these ten anime—

One Punch Man— One Punch Man is currently airing its second season. When it was originally released, it made the headlines.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures— In my opinion, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures is the best anime out there. Each part has a new ‘JoJo’ around whom the story is based.

Cowboy Bebop— Cowboy Bebop is among the best anime of all time. It follows Spike and Jet Black who is a duo of bounty hunters. The anime isn’t that long but, it is a must watch.

Space Dandy— Space Dandy is another classic anime, and it has created been created by Shinichiro Watanabe. He has also worked on Cowboy Bebop.

Death Parade— Death Parade has been animated by Madhouse, which is among the best animation studios. You should give this a try.

My Hero Academia— My Hero Academia is one of the most watched anime. It has been labeled by many as the successor to the ‘Big Three.’

Erased— The anime is full of drama, and it has a lot of turns and twists. It isn’t a very long show but, I highly recommend it.

Trigun— By now, you would know that this list has a lot of classics. Trigun is another such anime. It is a brilliant anime.

Assassination Classroom— The anime features a classroom full of students who want to kill their teacher, who would destroy the world otherwise.

Samurai Champloo— This is the third anime on the list by Shinichiro Watanabe. Samurai Champloo is not like your ordinary anime show which features samurai.

Attack On Titan— Attack on Titan is a show that features Titans who want to exterminate the human race. The only thing between them is the walls.