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Memorist Episode 16: Preview, update & Streaming Details

Memorist K-drama poster.

It’s the final episode of tvN’s superhero K-drama Memorist, and there’s a lot to look forward to in the finale. The real criminal and Eraser was revealed ahead of the final meeting.

Telling the story of a detective who has superpowers, the crime, mystery, and fantasy K-drama starring Yoo Seung Ho and Lee Se Young along with K-pop artist and actress Jun Hyo Seong.

In this article, we will take a look at the preview of the finale of Memorist along with its streaming details.

Memorist Episode 16 and Recap

A scene from Memorist episode 15.


In the previous episode, we saw that the identity of the Eraser behind the black mask turned out to be Yoo Seung Ho’s older sister, giving a shocking ending. In particular, Lee Young Jin attracted attention by releasing the news of the full-scale confluence on the 16th.

Afterward, the two went to the place where Ryu Sun-Nam (Noh Seung-jin), chief fire chief suspected of Eraser, and Dong Baek delivered a testimony video containing all the truth about Bang Joon-Seok (Ahn Jae-mo) and Hil Pil-sun (Lee Hui-Hyang) before leaving.

Han Seon-mi and the Dong Baek headed to the base of the Eraser’s activity that the police assumed, but no one was there.

After that, a person identified with Eraser came up. Subsequently, Ryu Soon-Nam, the chief of firefighting, appeared. However, Han Sun-mi wondered about the behavior of Ryu Sun-Nam and thought, “He is a man who compulsively kills like a ritual. Suddenly, he cannot kill Eun Su-Kyung in a way that is not even in a pattern. Eun Su-Kyung is not there.”

Camellia replied to Ryu Soon-Nam, “I want you to read Eun Su-Kyung’s memory before killing. I also need a lot of information from Jun-Seok Bang and Hil Pil-Seon. If you are Eraser, you will overpower us under any circumstances. Then Ryu Sun-nam’s eyes shook, and Camellia, who saw it, said, “You are not Eraser.”

After scanning the memories of Ryu Soon-Nam, the Camellia gave Han Sun-mi the location of Ryu Su-Kyung. Later, while Camellia and Ryu Sun-Nam were fighting, a chief appeared and fired guns at the two. So Ryu Sun-nam fell off the roof, and the Camellia fell on the spot, but with the help of Kwangsu University, he passed the crisis.

The Camellia, who was in the hospital, received a note from the EraserEraser saying, ‘If you want to know the truth, where it all began.’ Accordingly, the camellia headed to the place where the court case occurred, and there, the real Eraser was identified. The Eraser that took off the mask was Seo Hee-soo (Lee Young-jin), who was the servant of Bang Joon-Seok and Hwang Pil-sun. Seo Hee-soo said something meaningful to the Camellia, “I’ll tell you all the truth from now on. Camellia is my sister.”

A scene from Memorist episode 15.

Memorist Episode 16 update & Streaming Details

Memorist Episode 16 will be released on Thursday, April 30, 2020, on tvN at 22:50 KST (Korea Standard Time).

For viewers outside of Korea who want to watch the show with English subtitles, Memorist is available on Rakuten Viki and Viu