Legend of Awakening Episode 25 & 26 Streaming Details

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Legend of Awakening

When Lu Ping discovered his spiritual identity and that he possesses more spirits residing within him. He sets out on a journey to train and grow under his teacher’s masterful guidance. Legend of awakening takes us back to the five dynasties of ten kingdoms era where Lu Ping had escaped the forces of Shanghai Tower and began his spiritual journey.

In this post, we are going to talk about Legend of Awakening episode 25 and Legend of awakening episode 26 streaming details. Ths show releases two episodes on the same day each time so it is running at a very fast rate. Screenwritten and Directed by Vicky Wong, Legend of  Awakening include the casts like Arthur Chen, Dylan Xiong, and Jerry Yu amongst other actors as they try to resolve a crime that had happened in the martial world a decade ago.

With only 24 episodes broadcasted so far, Legend of Awakening Will run for a total of 48 episodes. So we are sitting right at the halfway mark through season 1. Legend of awakening has been receiving good ratings from its viewers amongst other Asian dramas so it presents quite an interesting story from a martial arts world. Let us take a look at how the episode guide is standing for the upcoming episodes.

When Is Legend of Awakening Episode 25 & 26 update?

Legend of Awakening

Legend of Awakening episodes 25 & 26 will be released on Thursday, 7 May 2020 at 20:00 CST. New episodes are always broadcasted on local Chinese television channels iQiyi Youki and Tv Mango first before they are available to the international fans. This drama runs from Thursday up until Sunday and with each of these days comes two new episodes that are broadcasted one after the other. Those who wish to stream or who are from other countries can use the official streaming details for the show below.

Where to Watch and Stream Legend of Awakening Episode 25 & 26?

You will be able to stream Legend of Awakening episodes 25 & 26 online on the Rakuten Viki website. Rakuten Viki covers most of the Asian dramas and new episodes are always available in English subtitles as soon as they finish their local broadcast in China. So this means that international fans will be able to watch up to the latest episode and will get episode 25 & episode 26 later on Thursday.

With only half the scheduled episodes left, Legend of Awakening will have a total of 48 episodes for its first season. And based on the rate that new episodes are being broadcasted, then it won’t be long till we reach the end of season 1. We will likely get to know more about the future of this show as the end of the first season comes. And so far, it has not yet been confirmed if it will return for a second season.

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