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The Ranch Season 7 Cancelled: Subscribers To Unsubscribe From Netflix

Actor Ashton Kutcher tweeted massive news, which shook an entire fan base. On June 4th, the actress tweeted The Ranch would no longer be in production and Season 7 will be the final season produced by the streaming giant. The Ranch Season 7 is something that fans were excited about as it was almost time for the show’s come back.

Lead actor Ashton Kutcher tweeted that the Ranch will be ending after four season run, that is upcoming parts 7 and 8 would be last for the show. The Ranch Season 7(part 1 of season 4) would be 10 episodes long and would be coming soon in 2019 and The Ranch Season 8(part 2 of season 4) would be the final season of the show beginning in 2020.

Netflix subscribers are looking to cut their subscriptions after Ashton tweeted out and streaming giant has yet not stated out any denying news regarding show’s last season.

News of the series’ upcoming end not only devastated fans but also caused some to go up in arms with threats that their Netflix subscription will fade away as the end credits on the final episode roll.

“Dropping my subscription, because Netflix canceled The Ranch,”

“As Netflix is ending The Ranch in the coming year and has already canceled all the Marvel shows after Jessica Jones, Is there a reason to watch Netflix after that?”

“This news makes me very sad that it is coming to an end. The Ranch is the only reason I am still subscribing to Netflix”.

These are responses from Netflix subscribers, and they sure don’t look happy about it. Although again at the time of writing streaming giant, Netflix has yet not released a statement about why The Ranch. The only official word we’ve received so far is from actress Ashton Kutcher. Netflix is expected to announce an official word regarding this soon.

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