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Bahubali 3: Possibly Confirmed By Actress Tamanna

The Indian magnum opus Bahubali was concluded years ago by director SS Rajamouli. The successor was called ‘Baahubali 2: The Conclusion’. The end of this saga wasn’t enough to satiate the fans, and they have been looking for hints ever since then. Would the third installment of the movie come out is the question that all of us have right now. The only hope is that Raja changes his stance and decides to do Bahubali 3. It was said that the franchise would end at part 2 earlier, but that, of course, doesn’t mean that we won’t get a trilogy.

Director of the movie, Raja, has repeatedly denied rumors of him doing a third film. The star cast of the movie has been a little uncertain with regards to the possibility of Bahubali 2 and has often spoken in public about the same. One such example is Tamannaah. She made a name for herself with the release of Bahubali, the fantasy movie. Recently she sat down in an interview to answer fan questions.

Very curtly, Tamanna set the record straight by saying that Bahubali: 2 will never be made, come what may. She also added that if there was a possibility of Bahubali 3, it could only be directed by Rajamouli. She further dished out on her character saying that Prabhas and her would ascend the throne and a baddie would lurk around to take over the kingdom.

Well, that should set the record straight. We are never going to get Bahubali: 3. In all fairness, the drama has been ended decently only for them to do something that doesn’t live up to its past expectations. More as we have it.