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Don’t Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro TV Anime Adaptation Announced!

Dont Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro
Dont Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro

The latest news just came in recently, and this will have fans of Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro excited. The manga that had been running for some time now has finally been given a green-lit to its anime adaptation project. Also Know as Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-San, this web manga began its serialization on the Magazine Pocket online app that is currently published by Kodansha magazine.

The manga follows the life of an introverted male student who meets a girl called Nagatoro. His life is turned upside. At first, she quietly observes his reaction to verbal abuse from other highschool girls.

She realizes that oddly enough in his case, it may be exactly what he needs. As a result, she begins to occasionally tease him and this soon becomes increasingly obvious that her teasing is actually sardonic, well-intentioned, and flirtatious but he eventually catches on.

Dont Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro Anime

Dont Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro Anime

Don’t Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro Anime update

In this post, we will also look at the possibility of when the adaptation might hit the screens as for now, we do not have as much official information revealed. The adaptation is set to be handled by Telecom Animation Film and will be directed by Hirokazu Hanai. Taku Kishimoto will be supervising the scripts, Misaki Suzuki will be working on the characters designing whole Gin will be composing the music.

For now, that is all of the official updates that were made. The news was announced on the official @nagotoro_tv, which is the official twitter account for the manga and the manga adaptation project underway. The announcement was that Don’t Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro has been decided to be a TV animation and for now, the main cast is Nagatoro who will be voiced by Sumire Uesaka.

The rest of the casting and voice characters is set to be announced at a later date including the entire staff that will be working on the anime adaptation project. Well considering that the news is still fresh for now. And with the impacts of the COVID 19, we can’t really be sure when the anime might make its debut.

But the good news is that fans will be gradually updated on the progress of the adaptation project. So it is still possible that the anime might make it to the screens by Winter 2021. So for now let us wait to see how things will develop over time as we will be updated in due time.