Love, Death & Robots Season 2: Will There Be A New Series?

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Love, Death & Robots marks the attempt by Netflix to break new grounds. It is an example of the different genre and varied content that Netflix is trying to venture into. Small stories have been adopted into magnanimous TV shows for Netflix and Love, Death & Robots happens to be one of them. Naturally, fans have this question, when is Season 2 coming to Netflix? And will it ever come to Netflix, let’s find out.

I’m guessing most of you don’t know what Love, Death & Robots is, so here goes. It is an animated anthological series but adult-oriented at the same time. Since it is anthological, we have different short films that range from a couple of minutes to over 15 minutes long. Every episode tells a unique tale and is self-contained, most derived from science fiction.

Love, Death, and Robots owes credit to Tim Miller and David Fincher and finally Netflix willing to fund the project that it came to us. Season 1 of the shoe released in March 2019 with a total of 18 episodes. Fans like can’t wait for more little stories and so are wondering when Love, Death, and Robots¬†season 2 would be back.

It’s pretty basic, Love, Death & Robots was loved by one and all, so I don’t see why Netflix shouldn’t order Season 2 of the same. Season 1 of the show was a moderate hit, given that it just released and is beginning to get more and more popular. Netflix hasn’t ordered Season 2 of the show. We can only hope we get more tiny tales of Love, Death & Robots in the future.

I mean the nature of the show is somewhat complicated. It contains stories by various animation artists across the world that includes Miller too. So I am guessing another Season would take a hell of a time. It’s not an easy job yo coordinate so many artists and their stories and come up with an entire Season in a go. It’s a waiting game for now. More as we have the update.

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